AS3, CS4 rotate parent mc ruins drag of children

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I have built this, drag the various dots.
forum won't let me have an external link so please decipher below
gasolicious DOT COM GOES HERE /flashstuff/kite%20drag%20offset%208_%20parent.html
I did not use the flash startDrag because it had all sorts of issues.
I wanted the dots to be restricted to the stage when dragged.
That is any dot CAN leave the stage when it is not the one being dragged.
For example make the “kite” big and drag the red dot, the blue dots are free to leave the stage (marked by outline in the online example)

The code I have uses mousemove, and some globalToLocal conversion to keep the dots from leaving the stage area
All was well so far.

Now I find out the “kite” has to be able to rotate!
when I simply rotate the kite all of my dragging rules break down.
Click the big blue button, each click rotates the kite 5 degrees.
Looks OK at first, rotate 30 or 40 degrees and everything breaks down.

I know its the globalToLocal limiting, is there a better way?
Seems people here have a lot of experience with dragging and rotating in flash.
Does anyone see a way to fix what happens, or a whole new way to do the drag.

I am desperate ;-(
Flash file attached,
I tried to insert the code in code tags but the forum refused to let me, it had .'s in it, like itemDOTname claimed it was an external link!
so file attached, please take a look
kite drag offset 8_

(32.6 KiB) Downloaded 349 times

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Post 3+ Months Ago

think the startDrag will make it more easier. don't know what's the all sorts of issures you mentioned.

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