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I have figured out how to get several flash movies onto a page on my site. The process involved using my Camtasia software and it wound up creating an XML file that along with the SWF file makes up my movie.

The issue is that I can not get the video to consistantly not start when the page is loaded. I have checked the XML file, the HTML code and the properties for the video in Frontpage and they all say Autostart=false, (0) or off. I suspected that having all of these parameters in to many different locations may be what is causing the issue. I went throught and pulled the redundant entries and spent hours yesterday trying to get it straight.

I am spent and need a pro to look at this before I put my fist through the screen.

[b]Here is my HTML - [/b]

<object id ="Expedition_Use_Video"
codeBase =",0,0,0"
height ="323"
width ="382"
classid ="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" VIEWASTEXT>
<PARAM NAME="FlashVars" VALUE="csConfigFile=./video/use_config.xml&csColor=FFFFFF">
<PARAM NAME="Movie" VALUE="video/use_controller.swf">
<PARAM NAME="Quality" VALUE="Best">
<PARAM NAME="BGColor" VALUE="#ffffff">
<param name="play" value="false">
<param name="loop" value="false">
<param name="menu" value="false">
<param name="autoStart" value="false">
<EMBED id ="EmbedflashMovie1"
flashvars ="csConfigFile=./video/use_config.xml&csColor=FFFFFF"
src ="./video/use_controller.swf"
quality ="Best"
bgcolor ="#ffffff"
width ="382"
height ="323"
pluginspace ="" salign="TL" play="false" loop="false" menu="false" name="Expedition_Use_Video">

[b]Here is the code from the XML file:[/b]

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<HasPIPVideo type="Boolean">0</HasPIPVideo>
<HasTOC type="Boolean">0</HasTOC>
<HasAudio type="Boolean">1</HasAudio>
<MainVidIsFLV type="Boolean">0</MainVidIsFLV>
<ControlsWidth type="Number">407</ControlsWidth>
<ControlsHeight type="Number">305</ControlsHeight>
<MovieWidth type="Number">407</MovieWidth>
<MovieHeight type="Number">305</MovieHeight>
<Duration type="Number">236</Duration>
<FrameRate type="Number">15</FrameRate>
<KeyframeRate type="Number">0</KeyframeRate>
<MovieWidth type="Number">0</MovieWidth>
<MovieHeight type="Number">0</MovieHeight>
<Duration type="Number">0</Duration>
<FrameRate type="Number">0</FrameRate>
<KeyframeRate type="Number">30</KeyframeRate>
<X type="Number">0</X>
<Y type="Number">0</Y>
<Width type="Number">0</Width>
<Height type="Number">0</Height>
<!-- AlternatingRowColors takes precedence over BackgroundColor and RowDepthColors takes precedence over both AlternatingRowColors and BackgroundColor -->
<BackgroundColor type="Number">
<!-- accepts a hex value -->
<!-- row alternate color based on the array of color values (row 1 = the value of the first color, row 2 = the value of the second color, row 3 equals the value of the first color, etc. -->
<!-- accepts two or more hex colors ( add additional Colors tags if more are needed ) -->
<Colors type="Number">
<Colors type="Number">
<!-- color is based on the rows depth in the tree hierarchy -->
<!-- accepts two or more hex colors colors in the form of 0xFFFFFF ( add additional Colors tags if more are needed ) -->
<Colors type="Number">
<!-- accepts a hex value -->
<Colors type="Number">
<!-- accepts a hex value -->
<RowRollOverColor type="Number">0xA4A4A4</RowRollOverColor>
<!-- color of the row on mouse roll over - ignored if UseRollOver is false -->
<RowSelectedColor type="Number">0xC0C0C0</RowSelectedColor>
<!-- color of the row when it is the currently active row -->
<!-- number of pixels each row of a tree is indented -->
<!-- none, inset, outset, solid -->
<TextColor type="Number">0x000000</TextColor>
<!-- the font color of tree items -->
<!-- the name of the font to be used, i.e. Arial, Times New Roman, HelveticaNeueLT Std -->
<FontSize type="Number">12</FontSize>
<!-- none, bold -->
<!-- left, right, center -->
<!-- none, underline -->
<TextIndent type="Number">0</TextIndent>
<TextRollOverColor type="Number">0x000000</TextRollOverColor>
<!-- color of text on mouse roll over - ignored if UseRollOver is false -->
<TextSelectedColor type="Number">0x000000</TextSelectedColor>
<!-- color of text when row is selected -->
<UseRollOver type="Boolean">0</UseRollOver>
<!-- Use boolean numerical equivalents( 0 = false, 1 = true ) if set to false the rollover colors for the text and row are ignored -->
<Collapsible type="Boolean">0</Collapsible>
<!-- if false, the collapsible nature of the tree is disabled -->
<AutoStart type="Boolean">0</AutoStart>
<ShowLoadingMov type="Boolean">0</ShowLoadingMov>
<ScaleLoadingMov type="Boolean">1</ScaleLoadingMov>
<LoadingMovPercentToLoad type="Number">25</LoadingMovPercentToLoad>
<LoadingMovMinDuration type="Number">3</LoadingMovMinDuration>
<ControllerColor type="Number">0xC0C0C0</ControllerColor>
<ShowAbout type="Boolean">0</ShowAbout>
<AboutBoxText>Manta Ventures, LLC</AboutBoxText>
<ShowDuration type="Boolean">1</ShowDuration>
<ShowElapsedTime type="Boolean">1</ShowElapsedTime>
<TimeDisplayFontColor type="Number">0x000000</TimeDisplayFontColor>
<LocalSecurityWarning>This action is not allowed by the default Flash Player security settings when the content is played from a hard drive or CD. Once the content is moved to a web server, it should function as expected, and you should not see this message.

For other distribution methods, or to understand how the Flash Player security settings affect this content, please see the &quot;Flash Player Security&quot; topic in the Camtasia Studio help file.

<!-- delete this line to disable warning -->
<IncludeScoreInEmail type="Boolean">0</IncludeScoreInEmail>

Your help is appreciated.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

I don't know what the troublespot is, but are you trying to view this in IE, Mozilla/Firefox or both?

I did see this post from a couple years ago where Firefox seems to ignore the autostart.

Another blog post I read indicated similar that FF ignores parameters in the depricated <embed> tags.

I'd suggest checking into and using SWFObject as several around here do. It's quite crossbrowser compatible.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I gave up on this issue and wound finding a great solution. Forget using my bandwidth and dealing with this coding and embedding and browser junk. I swithed over to using YouTube and it works like a champ.

It automatically creates the pause, creates a selection of images that are displayed prior to playing and it also opens my videos up to everyone on YouTube.

Thanks for your guidance and thank God for YouTube.

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