BETA ? what is it

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I'm new here. Can you explain what a " beta " download is , why i should take it or not. I'm on Vista. Thanks for your help.
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A beta program is one that's still in development and is being tested and such - these are often less stable than the full-releases, and it's better to steer clear if what you've got works for you :)
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Picture this.

You and someone you just met are standing on a cliff over a waterfall getting ready to jump into the pool below.

You're dry, they're wet.

You ask them how deep the water is.

They reply that they do not know, but they didn't hit the bottom and they're 5 feet tall.

You must now decide whether you want to take a chance knowing that you're 6 feet tall.

The wet person telling you they don't know how deep the water is while mentioning the fact that they didn't hit the bottom is basically what the software developer is telling you with the word "beta".

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