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ok, the effect im after is to have a a line of logo button to go to different pages.
I want 3 to be viewed on the screen, theres 6 in total, so iv masked the area so I only see 3.
What I want is to be able to click "right" and "left arrows" next to the logos to move to the next 3.

What Iv tried is lines all 6 buttons up as they should be, made them into a movieclip, went inside that, and made a tween and the mask in here with the 3 buttons moving back and forth, with frame labels for going "left" and "right"
I then went out onto the buttons and put
" on(release){

i put the movieclip full of buttons instance name as buttonslide.
Anyone know what Im doing wrong?
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I'm not sure. But I think that you have to mask the movieclip not the buttons. (You must put your buttons inside a movieclip and then mask the movieclip and your script should tell the movieclip to move left or right or make the mask to move left or right. In this way, when you press the arrows you should be able to see your buttons.)

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