Button nested in a MC doesn't call the new scene

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Sorry that you get to read this same problem over and over. I have read several other posts about this issue, but they didn't work for me. So here is MY situation, and it is pretty simple.

I have a flash movie with a MC called "main_menus". In that MC are several MCs each containing respective button stuff. Let's just focus on one of those MCs. It's called "philo_button_clip". In that MC is a button. That button, on rollover starts some animation, and on release, should send the viewer to a new scene. It doesn't.

I know it's a _root issue but I can't make it work. Here is the script on that button instance:
PHP Code: [ Select ]
on (rollOver) {
on (rollOut) {
on (release) {
   gotoAndPlay("Coming Soon");
  2. on (rollOver) {
  4.    _root.main_menus.philo_button_clip.philo_menu.play();
  6.    gotoAndPlay("Start");
  10. }
  12. on (rollOut) {
  14.    play();
  16. }
  20. on (release) {
  22.    gotoAndPlay("Coming Soon");
  24. }

The rollover and rollout work, but the "on release" doesn't bring up the scene "Coming Soon" or any other scene as I get then ready.

Sorry to ask you guys to gothrough this again. But thanks just the same.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

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Post 3+ Months Ago

where is "Comming Soon" ?
Code: [ Select ]
this.gotoAndPlay("Comming Soon");

Code: [ Select ]
_root.gotoAndPlay("Comming Soon");
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Post 3+ Months Ago

without seein your fla, it's a little tough to just figure it out in my head.
but for starters here's a few things I noticed...

for your button animations, you really only need to call within itself using
this. instead of the full path _root etc etc. As for the on (release), you
need to target which timeline you want to play. As it is right now, flash
has no idea which timeline, main, root, button, mc, etc, to play.

try pathing the release function through the same path you have now:
PHP Code: [ Select ]
on (release) {
_root.main_menus.philo_button_clip.philo_menu.gotoAndPlay("Coming Soon");
  1. on (release) {
  3. _root.main_menus.philo_button_clip.philo_menu.gotoAndPlay("Coming Soon");
  5. }
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Post 3+ Months Ago

since he's using an MC as a button, this. would only
target the button clip itself. I think he has another MC he's targeting to display that message.

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