Button on top of another button?

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This may sound odd, but I need to place an invisible button on top of another functioning button (which is inside a movie clip.)

I'm creating a scrolling thumbnail gallery, which I have working...however the boss would like the the gallery to scroll when the mouse gets near the top and the bottom of the scrolling thumbnails...which means that I need the actual thumbnails to remain clickable in those areas, yet I need to to some set my scroll function upon entering these areas.

Obviously, an actual button on top of another actual button is not going to work as the button on top will override the button underneath.

Someone mentioned something about using a Mouse Track...which I'm assuming creates a clickable area on the stage using x/y coordinates.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

By the way...here's the page I'm trying to add these "invisible buttons" to: http://www.gelia.com/work.html
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go to .
and download "Scrolling Thumbnail Panel" ...

you will need a FLV player ...
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Ive done what you are asking. Im busy at the moment and dont have time to write you an actual tutorial so, this is going to be brief and I am going to assume you have a good knowledge of flash.

First thumbnail movie clip needs to have a masked layer so it only appears where you want it.

Track mouse position
Code: [ Select ]
if (_ymouse < 50) {
setProperty (thumbnailMC, _y, thumbnailMC+1)

if (_ymouse > 200) {
setProperty (thumbnailMC, _y, thumbnailMC-1)
  1. if (_ymouse < 50) {
  2. setProperty (thumbnailMC, _y, thumbnailMC+1)
  3. }
  4. if (_ymouse > 200) {
  5. setProperty (thumbnailMC, _y, thumbnailMC-1)
  6. }

There is a lil more to it but, Im guessing this will get you headed in the right direction and you can figure the rest out. Sorry I didn't have moe to to explain in detail. :)

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