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Hello Flash-people,

Even though i know not much of actionscripting, i like to make sites that are flash-based, so i keep on challanging myself with that. But now i stumbled into something, and i just cant find a solition!

here is my problem:

I have made dropdownmenu's in a movieclip and the mc works with hittest like this:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (this.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse, true)) {
} else {

In this dropdown-menu i have buttons, those should be able to load and unload movieclips into an emptymc and an emptymc2 in the main movie (_root). I need them to load 2 things:
the background (background.swf) and the text that comes over te background. And since i want only the text to change when another button is hit in the same dropdown menu, i tried to work with this:

on (press) {
if (_root.emptymc.getBytesTotal()<10) {
loadMovie("background.swf", "emptymc");
loadMovie("text1.swf", "emptymc2");

But, no matter what i try to do, i just cant get it to work, it only works when the button with this action is already in the _root, and i dont want that. Neither can i put the emptymc or the emptymc2 in the same movieclip as the dropdownmenu, because i want other buttons (from another dropdownmenu) also to use the emptymc and emptymc2.

Maybe i have taken a wrong direction to begin with, i really dont know. But if you do, please enlighten me! :-)

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