changing the values of variables within a loadmovie Movie Cl

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changing the values of variables within a loadmovie Movie Clip

Is it possible to change the value of a movie clip's alpha, within the action script of another movie (which is a loadmovie and placed inside a movie clip on the main movie)?

I am creating a Children's game where they can make their own Mr Men Character but changing the colour, shape, eyes, mouth etc...

The main movie is called puzzle.swf

The puzzle scene has a menu on the left containing: body, eyes, mouth, colour etc

For example, When you click on EYES...
the movie EYES.SWF is loaded into the movie clip in the main movie called WINDOW.

This is the actionScript on the EYES button of the main menu.
on (release) {
loadMovie("eyes.swf", "window");

The EYES.SWF movie contains a selction of different eyes. When you click on a set of eyes, they should then appear in thr main movie PUZZLE.SWF (but it doesnt work!?!?)

Here is the actioscript of an eye button within the EYES.SWF movie

on (release) {
maineyes1._alpha = 0;
maineyes2._alpha = 0;
maineyes3._alpha = 100;
maineyes4._alpha = 0;

I am sure it is something to do with the "_global" variable but I am new to action script and cnat figure it out. Your help would be much appreciated.

here is the link to the page, although it is a little messy because ive playing about with the visual design:

Please help me?!?

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you just have to reference the movieclips correctly. Either using relative paths or absolute, i would suggest relative. Can you post an fla?
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Think of loadMovie() as taking the contents of an external .swf movie and putting it within the clip you are loading to. All content within that external .swf is targetable via the instance name of the clip you loaded the movie to.

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