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Can anyone help me with a legal issue?

I don't want to break any copyright laws but I've seen a Flash site that I really like and would like to emulate it. My friend is a Flash designer and said he'd be able to 'clone' it for me. The text content would obviously be different but the layout and general feel and functionality of the site would be the same (i.e. very similar source code).

Is it legal to do this?

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What's "legal" in the online world is very sketchy. If your aesthetic and code are identical, that's one thing, but if the code is "similar," it would probably be quite difficult to prosecute. Honestly, web sites are "emulated" all the time. Is it legal? Technically, probably not. Does anyone bother prosecuting? Sure, but seldom. Is it ethical? NO. It doesn't matter how much you like a site. Be inspired by it, but take that inspiration and create something that's yours. When you've put all that time and effort into it, come back and tell us how you'd feel about someone using Sothink SWF Decompiler or a similar tool to help them "emulate" your work.

Good luck.

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I absolutely could not have said it any better, justG

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