Combine external & internal movieclips problem

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Hello all...

I can say that i am that new to Flash that i am not able to write a correct actionscript thing, and also dont understand the main core of as.

My current problem is really confusing me.

My Idea / That what i wanna do:
I want to run a flash script on a server.
This script automatically loads lets say "slide_01.jpg" from a special directory and displays it in the form. After 40 Frames it loadsup the file "slide_02.jpg" and displays that. The change of the pictures should be animated.

My current state:
The loadup from the server works, and also the changes.
I use following code for the loadup:

Code: [ Select ]
loadMovieNum("", 1);

I load the Images into Level1 <- dont know why i do so, but i do it :?

My problem:
I now wanted to make a new movie that animates the change like a crossfade.
But i cant get it working that my movie clip that i generated on my own in flash is above the loaded images.
So its always behind...

I would like to have something like:
Code: [ Select ]

So that the movie is a level higher..

I searched everywhere and even the macromedia page couldnt help me

Can anyone here help me ???

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Post 3+ Months Ago

hmmm, you might want to look at the swapDepths() method. Not sure if there are going to be problems with what you are doing, but I use that method to move clips around levels.

I think that using "_level" is a generic way to identify a clip in a level, not to be used as a method for altering the clips level.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

mhm this didnt helped me....
i cant understand flash

i am nearly perfect in php and sql...
but flash :cry:
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Post 3+ Months Ago

isnt there a different way to load external files with a flash document.

like a online version of importing to library.

i also tried to duplicate my animation to a higher depth. doesnt work!

Code: [ Select ]
duplicateMovieClip (_root.level2, 'new', 2);
        setProperty ('new', _x, 0);
        setProperty ('new', _y, 0);
        setProperty ('new', _alpha, 50);
        setProperty ('new', _xscale, 90);
        setProperty ('new', _yscale, 160);
  1. on(press){
  2. duplicateMovieClip (_root.level2, 'new', 2);
  3.         setProperty ('new', _x, 0);
  4.         setProperty ('new', _y, 0);
  5.         setProperty ('new', _alpha, 50);
  6.         setProperty ('new', _xscale, 90);
  7.         setProperty ('new', _yscale, 160);
  8. }

This should go to Depth=2
Cause the Movies are loaded in Depth=1 it should be higher, but isnt
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Post 3+ Months Ago

i got it working a bit :P

Code: [ Select ]
_root.createEmptyMovieClip('img', 1);
setProperty('img', _x, 0);
setProperty('img', _y, 0);
loadMovie("", _root.img);
  1. _root.createEmptyMovieClip('img', 1);
  2. setProperty('img', _x, 0);
  3. setProperty('img', _y, 0);
  4. loadMovie("", _root.img);
  5. over.swapDepths(2);
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bro you gotta use object oriented syntax.

the syntax your using is very old and it will confuse you. the object oriented syntax flash has taken up on version 2.0 is alot like php.

its based of classes functions variables arrays and... movieclips :)

you should think of movieclips being floating containers with properties.

when you modify properties movieclips change.

what you want to do is load images into an array refrencing to the movieclips.

so each image will have its own movieclip container. you can even set up a movieclip with instructions on what to do and import them in from the library to the stage. with this you can have a dynamic array of items that you modify in a loop or a user instructed cycle.

an example of this would be to have a for or while loop to load an image into a movieclip, set the movieclip visibility to off so it cannot be seen, and preload it.

important point-> at the break of the preloader cylce:

if its loading only that image because it was selected by the user you can show the image that was being preloaded. you do this by setting the visibility option to true. you also want to set the _x and _y coordinates of your movieclip (0,0 starting from the top left) before you set visibility to true.

if its just loading all the images at once, you want to have one image load at a time (this is based on my personal experience). you can have it check what element in the cycle its loading, if its not breeching the maximum amount of images that you're loading then it runs the function to import the movieclip and load up its image pair.

think object orientedly.
you'll need a function for the preloading of each movieclip that is imported.

you'll need a function to set variables before setting the preloader function to iterate with onEnterFrame. you assign the preloader function to the onEnterFrame event at the end of this function.

you'll need a function for the end of the preloading.

you also may need a function for what happens when everything is done.

you want a function at _root to initialize all the variables and begin the cycle. when you run this function everything starts.

this way you have a 'trigger' for your preloader.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

thx for your post.

i dont understand how flash from core work
i got my animation like i wanted it running.
so i am satisifed for now...

i like to code php etc. and flash isnt a thing that i like to include in my website projects.


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Post 3+ Months Ago

i ahve a similar problem. Well same function (loadmovienum and unloadmovienum ) are giving me trouble.

I have a main movie: "ultimate.swf"
and on that I have a menu with 4 links. 3 of those links are to other parts of the "ultimate.swf" timeline, and the last link "Pictures" is to another SWF which I called "UltPics.swf" ..
The actionscript I put on the pictures link (in order to load the pictures swf "UltPics.swf") jumps to an empty part of the main movie timeline (I thought that would be prudent so the new movie would not load over the other content of the main movie)
and I loaded the "UltPics" on level 3

My Problem,

When I click on the link "pictures" the new "UltPics.swf" loads. BUT the content of the provious menudoes not go away (even though when I let the movie laod I let the main timeline gfo to an area that has nothing)..

Check it out on

Laptop battery almost dead,, no power supply , so I better send this out.. I

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