ComboBox in form not sending variables to php

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After trying several of the approaches in the forum I have still not figured it out. Here is my code: it is attached to a button and refers to a parent form that contains the ComboBox.

on (rollOver) {
on (rollOut, releaseOutside) {
on (release) {
// send variables in form movieclip (the textfields)
// to email PHP page which will send the mail

dataArray = new Array();
for (i = 0; i < comboBox.getLength()-1; i++)
var services = comboBox.getSelectedItem().data;

_parent.form.loadVariables("emailTest.php", "POST"); = "";
_parent.form.company_name = ""; = ""; = "";
_parent.form.message = ""; = "";

getURL("javascript:openWindow('emailResponse.html','newWindow','toolbar=0,location=0, directries=0, status=0, menubar=0, scrollbars=0, resizable=0,width=259,height=225,left=25,top=25')");

One more small thing. The file referenced in the getURL is not opening. It's driving me crazy. I used the script on my own site and it works but not on this one.

Thanks in advance

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