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I have been pulling my hair out on this, and my knowledge of Actionscript is very limited... please bare with me.

The following is my scenario.

All my Actionscripts are on separate layers on the timelines. I have used Scene names and Frame Labels for navigation.

I have a total of nine buttons that are visible and active in all Scenes. Buttons 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 are triggered by a btn onRelease event and goto an assigned scene and frame number.
Buttons 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 is triggered by a btn onRelease event, to goto Scene 2 and play a button animation. In Scene 2, the first frame is a duplicate of the last frame from Scene 1, that plays from Frame 1 to the last Frame on the timeline. In Scene 2 upon playing this frame, the btn onRelease that was initiated in Scene 1 is animated along the timeline to move out to the right and stop, followed by opening it's drop down menu, which contain buttons. Upon selecting a button from the drop menu, the animation plays the same sequence in reverse where the button goes back and stops at it's default position.

My Problems

1. I need to be able to tell buttons 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 that at any time based on a condition and event, to return back (play reverse animation) to it's default (Frame Label) position if they are not there when a another button or link is released. The conditions and events are; A) Only one button at a time can be in the non default position. B) If any other button, link, or background is released by the mouse, play the reverse animation timeline sequence that brings the button back to it's default position. Then, if a button or link had an onRelease event that played the reverse animation sequence, after the last frame I want it to goto/getURL that targets the Scene and Frame Label or URL that is associated with the onRelease drop menu button that initiated the action.

2. In Scene 2 upon selecting a menu button from the drop down menu, I need it to first play the reverse animation timeline, and when it reaches the last frame, to goto a specified Scene and Frame Label. My problem is, after the last frame it has to goto another Scene that is associated with only the button that was selected prior to the animation. Each menu button has it's own scene that I want to goto after playing the reverse animation sequence, which is triggered by a btn onRelease event. Essentially two events carried out by one mouse onRelease goto event?

Any help is appreciated,

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