Is it considered poor practice to use the Flash Authoring To

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I'm fairly new to AS3 programming and haven't used a VPL since VB 3.0.

I understand it's fine to use the library for storing objects, but I was just wondering if it was considered poor practice to actually place your objects on stage via the tool? Right now I program simply as a hobby, but I really like to put professional standards in place while I do it.

It seems to me for the purposes of encapsulation placing objects via the Flash Authoring Tool would be poor practice... but it's just so much easier!

On a completely unrelated note; but this being my first post to this forum I do not wish to flood you with newbie questions, what should I do in my constructor functions? Half of the books I have read simply call an init() function while the other half simply do everything in the constructor. I understand the legacy purposes of an init function but isn't it (a) wasted processing power, and (b) should only be used if you need to reinitialize the object at some point?

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As to the first question - ActionScript is a language that's supposed to work with Flash. In Flash, people make a lot of involved graphics. You simply can't program all of those, so one could never say it's poor practice to put any objects on stage.

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