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Guys first hello to all .. Like u see im new here. Like the site alot.

I need a litle help... I have a Template Monster - Website. I uploaded today on my host server. And notice that Contact form dont work..
I put my mail in the action script but nothing again. What its my mistake?
Here go the action script and contact.php script

Action Script from flash:

rec.text = "";
serv.text = "php";
field_1.text = "field_1 description";
field_2.text = "field_2 description";
field_3.text = "field_3 description";
field_4.text = "field_4 description";
field_5.text = "field_5 description";
field_6.text = "field_6 description";
field_7.text = "field_7 description";
function reset_txt(name, name2, value) {
path = eval(_target);
path[name2] = value;
this[name].onSetFocus = function() {
path = eval(_target);
if (path[name2] == value) {
path[name2] = "";
this[name].onKillFocus = function() {
path = eval(_target);
if (path[name2] == "") {
path[name2] = value;
reset_txt("t1", "your_name", "Your Name:");
reset_txt("t2", "your_email", "Email:");
reset_txt("t3", "phone", "Phone");

Contact.php Script:

$headers= "From:".$_GET['your_email']."\n";
$headers.='Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1';
mail($_GET['recipient'], $subject, "
<title>Contact letter</title>

</html>" , $headers);
echo ("Your message was successfully sent!");
resizeTo(300, 300)
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Post 3+ Months Ago

In your flash ,have you call for the php file and pass your variable the right way?
And you should test your php file first to confirm it works well .

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