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I have a site which has been broken down into several different ".swfs" as the entire site reaches a rather large file size, plus it's easier to manage. When the user changes the page selection I have "_level2" load a transition page which has sliding doors closing, when the reach the middle the previous page is hidden, then the new page displayed, and the doors re-open. (quickish action)

How do i delay the movie change until the doors are closed? Should I somehow pass a variable to the movie on _level2 then state IF lala then loadMovieNum(lala,1) ?

Any ideas on how to do this would be most welcome! Please.

Also there is a preloader on the sliding doors, which will show loading progress for _level1, if the movie is not loaded. Doesn't seem to be working correctly.

I can post an example on my test url if you like.

It seems to pause and and go weird on me, and that's the good stuff it does, lol.

Thanks for you help.

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I would use
Code: [ Select ]

REF: ... ollide.php

to determine when the doors are fully closed, and to control the other levels I would use the FQP (fully qualified path) as:
Code: [ Select ]



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