correct structer for a full flash site?

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ok.. i have been doing flash for a little while now... just making different things but not really full sites yet.

what is the "right" way to put together a site?

-1 scene, loading external swf's into differnt places on the first keyframe of that scene
-1 scene, loading a billion movie clip into the first frame
-making a bunch of scenes as different secitons of the site and linking the buttons to go to each scene?
-using 1 scene and loading in with attachMovie: different things as the navigation buttons are pressed

thanks im just wondering how the "pros" do it... so i can do it right the first time.. thanks
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It really depends on the designer view and the project it self ...

i prefer 1 scene ... static Designs will remain on stage ...+ attachMovies[good for small sizes ] ... if file size is big , better preload it externally into a movieclip ...

and so on ....

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