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Is anybody familiar with DoubleClicks DART Motif, I'm trying to pass values from options fields from the flash ad, to the landing page as a get(rest) statement.

All of motifs examples use static landing page URLS and they're set like:

Code: [ Select ]
  1. exit1="http://test.com/page.asp";
  2. exit1window="_blank";
  3. ...

It looks like I can edit the exit link live via something like:
Code: [ Select ]
//onpress event
  1. //onpress event
  2. _root.conduitdata_mc.exit1=http://test.com/page.asp?variable="+selectvalue;
  3. _root.conduit.exit(1);

the thing is the motif package hides those 2 clips (conduitdata and conduit) from the Flash IDE, and I read how you're not supposed to edit those objects directly, so I'm a little lost how I should edit that link

Maybe someone else has had to submit form data using DART.

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