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I was trying to figure out how to have internal pages of my flash file be linked witha #variable, So if you typed in it would go to a subpage in the flash file. A good example of this working is at

I know this uses the ExternalInterface scripting method, I have some examples of code. My question is does someone know of a good tutorial on this somewhere, because I was unable to figure this out. I think I am just missing something, I need a little boost of information and understanding to be able to accomplish this for my own site.

example code that 2advanced uses.

Code: [ Select ]
class com.jmoore.DeepLinkInterface
  var deepLink;
  function DeepLinkInterface(jsMethodName, callbackInstance, callbackMethod)
    var _loc1 = flash.external.ExternalInterface.addCallback(jsMethodName, callbackInstance, callbackMethod);
  } // End of the function
  function setDeepLink(deepLink, deepTitle)
  {"setDeepLink", deepLink, deepTitle);
  } // End of the function
  function getDeepLink()
    deepLink = String("getDeepLink"));
    return (deepLink);
  } // End of the function
  function getPageTitle()
  } // End of the function
  function setPageTitle(windowTitle)
  {"setPageTitle", windowTitle);
  } // End of the function
} // End of Class

  1. class com.jmoore.DeepLinkInterface
  2. {
  3.   var deepLink;
  4.   function DeepLinkInterface(jsMethodName, callbackInstance, callbackMethod)
  5.   {
  6.     var _loc1 = flash.external.ExternalInterface.addCallback(jsMethodName, callbackInstance, callbackMethod);
  7.   } // End of the function
  8.   function setDeepLink(deepLink, deepTitle)
  9.   {
  10."setDeepLink", deepLink, deepTitle);
  11.   } // End of the function
  12.   function getDeepLink()
  13.   {
  14.     deepLink = String("getDeepLink"));
  15.     return (deepLink);
  16.   } // End of the function
  17.   function getPageTitle()
  18.   {
  20.   } // End of the function
  21.   function setPageTitle(windowTitle)
  22.   {
  23."setPageTitle", windowTitle);
  24.   } // End of the function
  25. } // End of Class

and a link to the externalinterface script help
flex 2 ... rface.html
flash 8 ... 02200.html

I am assuming it passes variables back and forth to javascript, and javascript does some crap to make the thing work.

I hope someone can make my lightbulb turn on. Thanks in advance.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

yea, they pass variable to some javascript methods.
If you look in their page source, you'll see that they include more .js files.
the one you look for is this

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