DragandDrop can't kill the drag function over correct answer

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Ok this seems to be a very basic problem and a very easy problem for you guys out there but i really can't get it to work :?

Ok here is the thing
i created a drag and drop function where the user drangs the toy_f movie clip onto the cabinet_H movieclip. when it is correct it will send out a respone. Ok now the problem is i can't kill the toy drag function :twisted: when it is on correct location which is the cabinet_H. I want it to lock and go alpha. I just can't kill that function and make it into alpha. please help
this is the code

Code: [ Select ]

    if(_droptarget eq "/cabinet_H"){ // check if correct
        //correct tanda tick
                //blank no respone
            //function to snap back
  1. on(press){
  2.     startDrag(this);
  3. }
  4. on(release){
  5.     stopDrag();
  6.     if(_droptarget eq "/cabinet_H"){ // check if correct
  7.     this.obj.alpha=0.5;
  8.         //nextFrame();
  9.         //correct tanda tick
  10.             _root.toy_Res.gotoAndStop(2);
  11.             }else{
  12.                 //blank no respone
  13.             _root_toy_Res.gotoAndStop(1);
  14.             //function to snap back
  15.             this._x=73.3;
  16.             this._y=463.9;
  17. }
  18. }

please help !!!!

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