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Hi, I have several buttons, all movieclips, all the same symbol, which I want to make it look like they're "flying in" one after the other. I figured I could maybe do it with attachMovie and somehow apply setInterval to it so they all load a second after each other. I would rather load them all with one script and not have to write a seperate code for each individual button. Oh, and I also want them to have the instance name "button1", "button2", "button3", etc . . .

here is an example of the effect I want to acheive (take a look at the square buttons to the left when you enter each section of the site)

Any help would be awesome - Thanks!
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Well the animation is tweened.

The duplication is does via attachMovie (or even duplicateMovieClip) and setInterval just as you thought. It's the only way to do that in succession via actionscript unless you want to tween it by hand.

You can apply the mouse actions upon clip creation using dynamic event handlers. Such as..

Code: [ Select ]
myButton.onRelease = function(){ ... }

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