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I got some text pulled out of a file and displayed in a dynamic text field which works fine. Is there a way to create a custom scroller for dynamic text so not the yuck default scroller I just want simple two buttons up down or a bar like on the browser that u drag up and down. The problem is once I create this using action script I discovered that dynamic text can't be masked out so my whole scroller is useless in this case. Is there a way to go around this ? People suggested embeding the fonts but u can't embed the dynamic font it wont show the text if u embed. U can't mask it ... how can I then make it scroll and look nice ???

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You can mask dynamic text if you embed the font outline. Right click on the textbox, open the properties panel and in there (in MX at least) there is a button called "Character..." in there you can embed the font oulines for your font characters and the textbox will now be maskable.

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