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Hi Guys, what I am trying to do is create an swf file which sits in a dynamic webpage. The swf needs to dynamically load thumbnail pictures (which a user uploads through ASP and C#), via xml and lay them out in a line. I have found some useful tutorials on this topic, but the problem is that, I need the thumbnails to be buttons as well! These buttons need to link to the url where the full size picture sits. So the process goes:

1. A picture is uploaded to the website and is stored in a directory (both as a thumbnail and as a fullsize image).

2. The image details are stored in an xml file (which is called into the flash movie via actionscript 3).

3. Each thumbnail is loaded in an swf file dynamically.

4. Each thumbnail links to the actual larger image as an external URL.

I have done all of the above, apart from point 4!! So I am really close to solving this but don't know how to make the external thumbnails into buttons and how to link them to the larger picture. I can get the url to the larger pictures in the xml, but thats all I have got so far. The tutorial I used to get this far can be found here: http://www.flashmagazine.com/tutoria...ctionscript_3/

Any help would be much appreciated!!! :roll:

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