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There is a prototype of my new e2data application to try out at:


Here is an explanation (as I haven't written instructions for this app yet.).

This application enables you to build forms simply by drag and drop. As you construct your form, it will automatically create the database back-end. You can view the database schema by clicking on the 'schema' button. You can also drag schema fields to the stage, which is often quicker than changing a field name using the drop-down menu.

A data service consists of three forms, which you switch between using the tabs at the top.

Input: This is the form you use to add new records.

Search: This is the form you use to specify a search query.

Results: This is the form in which your results are displayed.

This prototype is publish disabled, but it does allow you to test your forms using an emulated database.

Please try this out, and let me know what you think?

Is it intuitive? Easy to grasp for a beginner? Can you understand what's going on?

Do you think it might be useful?

Imagine if it could publish to the internet or central, with various settings for registration, and people could use it to build all sorts of data services: second-hand sales sites, skills catalogues, dating sites, accomodation listings, cult-movie reviews, etc. etc.

Do you like the concept?

Have you found any bugs?

How do you think it could be improved?

Thanks, please post your feedback here.

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