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hi and thanks for reading!

I have an external style sheet in .as that defines textFormats for my group of swfs. It specifies a font by its linkage name. the font resides in a shared library with the appropriate linkage. There are two fonts and therefore it is a large library causing long download times. here is the question:

how can i use a shared external library and a stylesheet and not embed every outline with my font? I don't want the font in each swf - i'd rather have it in a localized place just in case they decide they want a different one.

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place all your fonts in swf files, each font = a swf file, or each font family = a swf file, depends how you want.
I suppose you know how to make swfs with fonts ... if you don't => create new flash document, then in the Library panel (press Ctrl+L if you don't see it), press on the small symbol in the upper right corner from the title bar, and add new font. Then export the font for actionscript.
Next, from your main swf, load the font that you need and use it exactly where you need it.

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