Embedding iframes in Flash

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I am in the process of learning flash while designing my first website. I would like to embed a google calendar in the website but am finding this not to be an easy task. Can anyone offer assistance on how this is accomplished? I'm using Flash MX.

I've found several posts on this topic and several make reference to adding the iframe statement to the html file? What html file are they referring to? I have a flash movie file named "main" and this generates a 'main" html file. If I edit this main.html file it just gets over written.

Sorry if this is a stupid question. As I said, I am learning.

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Hmmm interesting idea ... iFrames in Flash...

I am thinking that you may have to design your flash movie around and HTML template.... so in essence your page is not completly flash on that page. Flash has some HTML parsing capabilities but not near the extent that your Browser has.

I could be wrong but my approach would be to let the Browser handle the IFrame on that page. The other aspect is that even if flash was able to do this I suspect you would be running into the crossdomain sandbox built into Flash.

So let the browser be a browser and let flash be flash ;). You can design your page so that you would not be able to notice.
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you could code the flash into a html page load it into another page using frames

so somewhere in index.html you would have

Code: [ Select ]
src ="/calendar.swf"
width="100%" hight="100%>
  1. <iframe
  2. src ="/calendar.swf"
  3. width="100%" hight="100%>
  4. </iframe>

set hight and width as needed

this would them load your calendar into the page

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Happy birthday !

Just out of curiosity and since it's been awhile, how's the Flash coming ? :D

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