Entire HTML site behind a 100% Flash site?

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Is it possible to put an all HTML website behind an all Flash website for those without the Flash player installed or upgraded? It's an art website. I would like to give the visitor without the Flash player to have the option to either download the player or just continue looking at the HTML site.

Yes, I want to do it for SEO. So far, the all Flash website is on one index page and the HTML website consists of several pages. Can I ethically in the eyes of the search engines integrate the two? Someone searches for XYZ, XYZ comes up and it's clicked, visitor goes straight to Flash site where XYZ is too, though the XYZ that came up in the search was on the HTML website.

I hope that made sense.

Thanks for any help
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Yes it is possible but it takes quite a bit of work and you have to know the combination of Flash/XML/Javascript pretty well.

Here's something called Faust (via Space 150 Minneapolis) that will help http://www.space150.com/news/faust-flash-augmenting-standards

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