Ever wanted to have _x, _y, _height and _width?

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THis is only good if you use Macromedia Flash MX; not the MX 2004 or the 2004 Pro version...

Ever wanted to have _x, _y, _height and _width in your drop-down menu when typing Actionscript code of a movie clip?

Usually, the first item to appear in a movie clip "smart" drop-down menu is "attachMovie", right?

Well, here is the solution: Open the file called "ActionsPanel.xml", which you will find in this folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\yourUserName\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash MX\Configuration\ActionsPanel, if you are using Windows XP, and find the title called:
(ifdef mode="FEATURE_EVENT_MODEL") (folder name="Properties" id="Properties" tiptext="Properties of MovieClip object" helpid="2678" version="6")

Right after this line, insert the following lines:

(string name="_x" tiptext="X position of a movie clip" helpid="2535" object="MovieClip" text="._x" version="6" /)
(string name="_y" tiptext="Y position of a movie clip" helpid="2570" object="MovieClip" text="._y" version="6" /)

Save the .xml file, then restart your Flash MX, and type the following Actionscript code in your first frame: Code: myMovieClip_mc.

You'll see that as soon as you type the dot now you have the properties width, height, x and y at your fingertips...

PS: Make sure to replace the "(" and ")" with "<" and ">"

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