Exit Button in an SWF file.

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I have a Flash presentation that I am developing, which is basically complete aside for the code on this little "exit" button that is part of the interface.

I have found several resources for an exit button script that runs only in a .exe file. My problem is the fact that this particular presentation needs to be in .swf format.

This is what I have found, that works only on .exe formats.

Code: [ Select ]
on (release) {
fscommand("quit", "true");
  1. on (release) {
  2. fscommand("quit", "true");
  3. }

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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hmmm .... by a .swf format you mean it will be in a web page?
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if you are using a swf you should use javascript method not the fscommand. But incase of a standalone version (.exe) then fscommand should be used. Follow here:

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