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It's been a while since I've been here...

I usually build flash site all within a main flash file and other loading into it, but I want to do my current site with 5 pages and 5 html pages. But I don't want to just click on the menu and the new page replaces the current page, I want the current page to undo and fade first.

I can get my head round telling it to go to an 'out' frame on a button press, but then at the end of the timeline I need another action for loading the relevant page, but how do I specify which page.

So if I have home, about, services, portfolio and contact as my sections. If I'm in about and click services, which then goes to a frame 'out' in about, how does it then know what to load??

Hope this make sense??
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This is from a site calledhttp://www.astahost.com/info.php/help-swishmax-linking-buttons_t8575.html.. 'Swish Help.' I am not at all sure how much help it will be to yyou though:

The link to the named anchor should surrond your button so that it looks for the named anchor. so lets say you use the html for a form button like below:

CODE<a href="#Scene1"><input type="submit" value="See Scene 1"></a>

That will make the button a link to an anchor somewhere in your document then you would enclose the script that you want them to view within then named anchor.

So I am guessing by word in the timeline (services name on button) you could then call in the timeline by 'fadein' your next page which could be services.

Any use? At least if no use others will see the post and hopefully respond.

Good luck

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:


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