Firefox, Opera - Top-left movie corner centered in window

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Post 3+ Months Ago

I'm using the method Adobe outlines on their site for dealing with the click-to-activate restriction.
I'm not sure if this applies to other methods of using Flash movies in the browsers.

I had a Flash movie that is set at 100% width & height.
It uses the noscale scaling method which is set both in the activator, & in the movie itself via Stage.scaleMode.

What was happening was in Internet Explorer, it worked exactly as expected. The movie would take up the entire area & my resize/position listeners within the Flash movie were reacting to Stage.width/height & Stage.onResize.
In Opera & Firefox however, the movie seemed to be getting the top-left corner positioned in the center of the browser window.
During this, I could still right-click anywhere on the screen & get the Flash context menu.

Went over every single line of Actionscript, there was nothing out of order.
Tried every CSS positioning setting I could think of with no change.

What it came down to was the order of paramaters in the activator.
While there can be paramater pairs inbetween theese two, they must be in this order.
Code: [ Select ]
// Like this

// Or this

// But not like this
  1. // Like this
  2. 'scale','noscale',
  3. 'salign','lt',
  4. // Or this
  5. 'scale','noscale',
  6. 'quality','best',
  7. 'salign','lt',
  8. // But not like this
  9. 'salign','lt',
  10. 'scale','noscale',

Swapping the order of thoose two pairs toggled the problem on & off.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

so i see. Seems kind of odd thought. Probably in their function used to set the scale, they mess up the x, y.

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