First Post - Urgent Help required with Presentation Conc?

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Hello Everybody,

Right now I am working on a Presentation CONCEPT.

The concept is:
My client is having 4-5 .MOV files with him & he wants it to link with each other. Can any knows how to link .MOV files with each other? Means it should open after clicking on a text link or any buttons?

Regardless to any software. He said I am free to use any software! So which software is Best for this type of work?

Next is :
Is they any script is required for uploading *.mov files? if you from where I can get it ? as I am a non-programmer

Thank you.
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There are any number of ways you can do this.

In HTML by embedding the movies into web pages and using HTML links to load a different page with a different movie.

In Flash by embedding each seperate .mov into a .swf and either loading them into a main movie using loadMovie when a button in flash is clicked, or by embedding them in seperate pages and linking to those pages.

It all depends on how you want to set it up, and how accessible it is to the needs of your target audience.

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