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I have a project that have lots of Scenes (50 or so with lots of buttons that link to movies, in most cases I have several buttons linking to the same movie)
I created a scene called "Movies"
on each frame (90 blank keyframes) with a stop action , FLV Move Progressive download, and a back Button on each frame

when the user clicks on a that back button I want the program to go back where the user just was, Not the Previous Frame with in the timeline or scene.

Please Respond in detail: I am still very new to Flash

if anyone can help...
thank you!
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One way to do it would be to build an array of where the user has been. I go to page 1 of your site, and page 1 is stored in the array. Then I go to page 5 and from there to page 3. You would have an array of three pages (1,5,3). When I hit back, take me to the page stored last in the array and delete that value. Now you have an array (1,5) and I'm back on page 3.

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