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Hello all,

I am having a hard time getting my flash app to read a ASP page. The asp I have set up to test is on a remote computer hosting the database. When I type the IP address( into my browser, I get the intended test result
When I run the actionscript statement
loadVariables("", this)
and attempt to reference either var1 or var2 with a trace() statement, I get 'undefined'. I have also tried loading the variables to a target movie clip (i.e. loadVariables("", Data) and using the
onClipEvent(data){ trace(var1); } and I still get undefined. Also, I have tried using the loadVars.load(url) and loadVars.toString() but I still get undefined. Can someone PLEASE help me with this. All the tutorials on the internet point to these methods, but they just aren't working. I'm stuck and need to get this done for work, PLEASE HELP!!


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