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I need to make a movie where I use action scripts generated using WildForm FX Pro... I just bought it today.

I want to basically put 10 or so movies together to make one big movie. Inside the movie I want to interlace the generated .swf files with pictures.

I would like to overlay the text I created on top of the images that I choose but if I cannot do that I would just like to be able to use load movie to go text then picture text then picture... ETC ETC....

I have used flash for a total of 4 hours in my life (horrible 4 hours)

I can so far load one movie into my larger movie but it never returns to ask for the next movie what do I do?
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I don't use Flash but I use similur software - Swish..
What about sprites..? each movie loaded as a sprite then all that in a main sprite.
Or each scene or movie gotoframeframe(?) gotoscene(?)andplay/load
Like this for example:
onFrame (10) {
nextSceneAndStop(); // identical to gotoSceneAndStop("<next scene>", 1);
Or this:
onLoad() {
gotoSceneAndPlay("Scene_2", 16);

Well I tried lol

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