FLASH BUG (memory leak - LoadVariables)

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We are working on a project where Flash application should read in a constant loop variables from php script and then properly react.

Everything works fine execpt after a memory usage start to grow at 1Mb/min, more or less... it varies from time to time. Our browser works then very slow (Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla for Linux)

Our code:

_root.onEnterFrame = function()
load_lv = new LoadVars();


We also tried with function LoadVariables but we got the same results (MEMORY LEAK).

Is this a bug in a Flash or we are missing something?

Please give us some advise what to do. Is there any other possible way to read variables from php script. (10 times/sec)

We have also tested an AMFPHP example found on the http://www.amfphp.org/?g=examplegoogle and if you click on search button very often and fast for a while you also get memory leak.


You can test my leaking FLASH aplication here:


Here is source code:


Thank you for your answer.

This example reads variables from php script only in Mozilla. It's a bit strange to me but ok.

So in explorer you won't get memory leak of course.

Try with firefox, opera or anything like it.
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Not entirely sure the issue, but I can tell you right now that both redefining the LoadVars() object and loading data from a file in within an onEnterFrame is going to be CPU intensive.

If you can reduce the time between data loading I would say to give setInterval() a try instead of onEnterFrame.
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I'm curious why you dont loadvariables in IE?

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