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I'm having a hard time with my contact form. The form itself works fine but I dont recieve an email to my email address when I fill everything out. It goes to my thank you frame like it's suppose to I've been working on this for a few days now please help. I have the form on the first frame with a stop action and then a thank you message and stop action on the second frame. I'm hosting with godaddy my problem could be the uploading correctly there but I called them and they said they couldn't help w/ programming issues like this so if someone could help me figure this out it would be grealy appreciated. Sorry for the long post btw.

This is my php:


$to = "my email address";
$msg = "$name\n\n";
$msg .= "$message\n\n";

mail($to, $subject, $msg, "Message From: Online client\nReply-To: $email\n");


This is send btn action:

on (release) {
if (name eq "" or subject eq "" or message eq "" or email eq "") {
} else {
loadVariablesNum("form.php", 0, "POST");

This is clear btn action:

on (release) {
name = "";

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