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this is easier seen then explained...

im makin an artist website, where there is a gallery of thumbnails, and then when the thumbnail is clicked, the larger image appears in front of it. to do this, i have a white rectangle apear over the gallery, and the image appear over that white rectangle (asw if the thumb layout was never there at all) howeer if you click where the thumb should be (its there, just covered by the white rectangle) it loads the next picture, how do i make it so that the thumbs no longer link when the rectangle is over it. to see it go to
http://www.deborahkamyhull.com then click portraits, then click on one of the images, then it should appear (its still a little slow) now click to where on of the thumbnails should be---see what i mean now?
heres some code:
Code: [ Select ]
this.thumbHolder.onRelease = function() {
            backg._alpha = 100;
            circ._alpha = 100;
            title.text = this.title;
  1. this.thumbHolder.onRelease = function() {
  2.             main.loadMovie(this.main);
  3.             backg._alpha = 100;
  4.             circ._alpha = 100;
  5.             title.text = this.title;
  6.         };

backg is the white box, circ is the back to thumbs button, title is the title obviously, this.main is the main image, im wondering if there is a lind of code that could make whatever is in the layers below no longer link....

wowowo this got long.....thanks

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