Flash Countdown Clock - 24/ jack bauer style?!

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Hi All - If you've seen my other posts on the php thread then you'll know by now that im on the trail of a good, adjustable countdown clock.

I have a time clock currently on http://www.the9thdimension.com
supplied by clocklink (popped it on there to give example of what im looking for)

I require something similar in design to this or perhaps even "24" like for a project im currently working on. A friend of mine has had playing cards custom made for a new card game that will be launched with a series of location based tournaments (First one being Brighton and on from there) - hence the countdown timer will be needed to reflect the time left until the tournament commences - the rest of the site is not even close to being finished but im finding it hard to spend time working on content as it will all be for nothing if i cant get a decent countdown timer!

If you know of any ( i have crawled the web but not found anything that closely fits the criterier) of have the ability to create one it would be great if you could contact me either through this thread or by PM

Thankyou and fingers crossed someone can help!
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Post 3+ Months Ago

nice effect. Shrinking the top half to reveal the text underneath then growing the bottom half over the current time, to give the impression of a page flip.

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