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hey all i was wondering if someone could help me....

what is the average size of a decent flash website with sounds and animation and how long should it take to load? does the size of the server its playing off affect the speed at which it plays? if my flash site total size is 700kb is that supposed to take a few minutes to load or is it something to do with the server?

and there is a 1.4mb video streaming from the server and a 760kb audio file that streams.
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Sounds like a few different questions here. First it helps to refer to load times in flash 3 different ways.

1. Initial load - This is how long it takes the user before they can interact with anything or see any content. Typically this is how long it takes flash to load/process the first frame. (you should keep this time as short as possible). Remember initial load technically means watching a loader bar since the user can't actually do anything until that point.

2. Background Load - Sometimes referred to as preload. This occurs when flash accesses data while the user is engaged doing something else. You can usually pipe a lot of data in at this point without the user really having to notice.

3. Streaming data - This is almost always video or audio that loads progressively and is played as it becomes available. The thing you have to watch in this case is the bitrate of your streamed object (bitrate is how much data needs to stream to allow a constant rate of play).

In the case of flash its important to remember that content is actually streamed. For example assume that you have a 500 frame/5000kb flash animation with a stop in the first frame. Lets assume the first frame has 50kb of data. Flash will display the first frame as soon as the 50kb is downloaded (initial load) and then continue to load the other 4950kb in the background even though the user can't see it yet.

So the real question is how much of your 700kb file is in the initial load? You can kind of find out by testing your movie (CTL/Apple + Enter) and then in the view menu open the bandwidth profiler. I don't think your files are too big, but it really depends on your target audiences connection speed in the end since 700kb will take a long time on a dialup connection vs a 10mb cable connection.

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