Flash htmlText with tabstops. Help please!

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I have an html text field in a flash movie that has a <textformat> with tabstops in it. I am getting newlines in entries that could easily fit in the space I have defined for the tabs. Has anyone encountered this before?

Code: [ Select ]
mainlist.html = true;
mainlist.htmlText = "<textformat tabstops='[300,400]'>";
mainlist.htmlText += "Name/\tStarts\tEnds\nType\n\n";
mainlist.htmlText += listingtitle+"\t"+startdate+"\t"+enddate+"\n"+listingtype+"\n\n";
  2. mainlist.html = true;
  3. mainlist.htmlText = "<textformat tabstops='[300,400]'>";
  4. mainlist.htmlText += "Name/\tStarts\tEnds\nType\n\n";
  5. mainlist.htmlText += listingtitle+"\t"+startdate+"\t"+enddate+"\n"+listingtype+"\n\n";

This should give me 3 colums and 1 column on the next line, no? I am getting line breaks in the first column (listingtitle) on entries that are too long. The actual column should be able to fit all the text as there's plenty of room. What am I missing?

Thanks to anyone who answers.

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