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Hi Guys and Gals

I am trying to create a Flash intro of flying through clouds and then you see buildings below and then as you come down, the buildings materialize into the clients logo.

Any suggestions on how I can do the clouds bit? Bit of a newcomer to Flash so would like any suggestions you are willing to offer.


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Your easiest bet would be to create the clouds in Photoshop (or another graphics program) and export it as a PNG with transparecy so the partially transparent areas will still be partially transparent when imported into Flash (image must have a transparent background, meaning no background when being made or saved)

Your secondary method of doing this would be to use a radial gradient in Flash (white to silver or something) and then after creating the shape you want the cloud to be, convert that shape into a movieclip symbol and open the properties panel to adjust the Alpha settings as reduce it's opacity so you can see through it.

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