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I've recently made a lengthy Flash MX shootemup game with a fair bit of action scripting, but after playing for a few seconds it really starts to lag.
Ive tried using the 'update after event' but it doesn't really do anything.

I think the cache is filling up and I don't know how to empty/refresh it/

Does anyone else have this problem? Or know how to fix it?
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Sounds like either functions not being cleaned up after (declare rare variables with var, reuse commons) or maybe the need to limit the amount of ammo on the screen at once (an uzzi type wepons ammo created with createEmpty/duplicateMovieClip can fill the stage with mcs fast).

It could be any number of things, how is your live ammo tracked ? is it made self aware with prototypes ? is it push()'d shift()'d in an array to keep track of/limit it ?
Does it have alot of onEnterFrame's ? (that can lag you out REAL quick)

Is there any movieClips with _alpha set to anything other than 100 ?

How fast is the machine doing the testing ?
How much memory does it have ?

Theese are a few things to look at :wink:
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Yea thats a good point, it's probably some stray function variables or something.

I've tried the game on a few systems with the same results, and there aren't bullets yet, though the badies are duplicate movie clips (only 2 of 'em so far).

I'll have to do abit of debugging, cheers man.

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