Flash menu problem thingy >:(

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If you click on the blue button where it's labelled "Advanced Combat Demo" it will begin to play and suddenly you hear a loud WHHOOOOSSHHH sound. Well the problem is, I don't want that in there the moment that button is pressed.

Basically I have 3 scenes, the Preloader in which the last frame is where the option menu is, then the next scene is the Basic Combade Demo, then finally the Advanced Combat Demo. For some reasons, any scene that is listed on the bottom will have some random sound play out the moment the button to play that scene is pressed.

In the "preloader" scene, all actionscripts are on a layer on its own. at the very end, the action I have written for the menu option are the following:

Code: [ Select ]

basicbutton.onRelease = function() {
   gotoAndPlay("Basic Combat Scene", 2);
advancedbutton.onRelease = function() {
   gotoAndPlay("Advanced Combat Scene", 2);

  1. stop();
  2. basicbutton.onRelease = function() {
  3.    gotoAndPlay("Basic Combat Scene", 2);
  4. };
  5. advancedbutton.onRelease = function() {
  6.    gotoAndPlay("Advanced Combat Scene", 2);
  7. };

Now all the elements that you see in the menu section are all in one layer, but also in a single keyframe located at the very end of the preloader scene.

The top blue button is labelled basicbutton while the bottom is labelled advancedbutton.

Now is there a way to fix something here so I won't have to get any annoying random sound play in the beginning of the last scene?
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not totally sure what's going on here...
how did the sound get there? it didn't just appear...
so i figure you put it in the same layer as everything else in that same keyframe.
what i would suggest is to take each graphical component out and move them to seperate layers. once you're done with that, you should have a layer that contains only the sound, at which point, you can delete that layer. next time you add a sound, be sure to give it its own layer so you don't have to go through this mess again.
layers don't really add any complexity or make the swf any heavier (practically), but make it much easier to manage.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Yeah, apparently, those sounds came from the scene before it. And if I recall, that big whoosh was never used in that last scene. I did some experimentation in which I switched both scenes, and it turns out only the scene that gets placed last tends to play all the sounds that were found in the scene before it.

And as for placing sounds on layers, I was experimenting on which would be ideal to place event sounds. So half of them are on the layers on their own or are part of a layer being occupied by object(s).

Also, I have made movie clip instances in which it has sounds embedded it as well, particularly when my character vanishes and makes that whooshing sound, in which of course that's the sound that gets played in the beginning of the last scene, I wonder if that too will affect the bug that's going on. So far that last scene hasn't had any whooshing sound, except when the character teleports in, but that's about it really.

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