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I recenly got back from a few months traveling around SE Asia. I've posted my images to the web in the past, but wanted to do something different this time.

I was thinking I would create a slideshow in Flash and send it out to my friends on CD or DVD.

I want it to be self running and have about 200 picture I want to include. the only slideshows I've seen done before have been simple fade in/fade out.

I'd like to have some special image transitions and hopefully keep it mixed up.

Has anyone seen anything like this done? Examples? Hints, tips?

/long time reader, first time poster.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Well, this probrably wont be much help because I dont know how it was done but, I have seen exactly what you are talking about. It was a presentation burned Hybrid on cd so that it automatically loads when put in a CD-ROM. It had some really cool transitions. The whole thing was made with Macromedia Director 5 and exported as an .swf. Hope that helps a little or a lot.
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Welcome Cubeslave :)

Autorunning the presentation from a CD is as easy as including an "autorun.inf" file when you burn everything to the CD.

Hopefully you have a CD-Rw handy for trying this out ;)

Creating an autorun inf file is as easy as opening notepad, entering a few lines & "save-as" autorun.inf

Code: [ Select ]
LABEL=Label For The Slideshow
  1. [autorun]
  2. OPEN=name_of_file_to_open.exe
  3. ICON=name_of_ico_file_to_show.ico
  4. LABEL=Label For The Slideshow

[autorun] Required, tells Windows what to do with the next lines.

OPEN= Required, Path to EXE file to be autorun.

ICON= Optional, an ico file to display in explorer for the cd drive

LABEL= Optional, a label to show in explorer for the cd drive.

*NOTE*Any optional lines not being used should be omited.

Your EXE file will come from Flash, When you publish the movie select "publish settings" and check the "Windows Projector (EXE)" box, then publish.

The autorun.inf file, the icon.ico file, & the movieName.exe file will all go in the root of the CD when you burn it.

As for transitions in flash, try out different things, the best effects are usually created by accident while just goofing around anyway :P

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