Flash PHP form "printable" not "e-mailed"

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I'm looking to create a PHP or XML file that will populate an HTML file that I can then pull up in flash and have the user print the results of the flash game/course. I have the Flash file made, and all the variable code setup, but I dont really have a grasp of PHP and how to do something as complicated as I'm looking for.

The user goes through a flash game and enters text in 5 input text box's in 5 different movieclips. I have a submit button that I would like to rout to a PHP file/function that will populate a PHP file and automatically enter it into an HTML file, or maybe it will be in a XML file that populates an HTML file. Either way, the user needs to be able to print the results and I dont have the first clue of how to go about coding something like this. This is something new to me and would be awesome if I could get a little educated on the subject.

The reason I need to do this in HTML is for CSS and formatting to print. The user needs something nice to look at when its printed out and I dont know/cant think of another way to do this that isnt complicated and faster. Any help would be awesome.
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What version of Flash are you publishing for ?

It seems like these two classes could be of use to you if you're aiming for Flash Player 7+

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I'm running Flash 8 Pro.

I will try and figure that out, but I'm more of a designer and not much a programmer lol. I use google to figure things out, but that only goes so far. I found something in PHP but im not sure if its something that will interact with what I have in flash.

$_GET['Languages'] = implode(', ', $_GET['Languages']);
$_GET['Story'] = str_replace("\n", "<br />", $_GET['Story']);

print "Your name: {$_GET['Name']}<br />";
print "Your password: {$_GET['Password']}<br />";
print "Your age: {$_GET['Age']}<br /><br />";
print "Your life story:<br />{$_GET['Story']}<br /><br />";
print "Your favourite sport: {$_GET['FaveSport']}<br />";
print "Languages you chose: {$_GET['Languages']}<br />";

Thats the 'example' code I found, but im renaming everything at the moment.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

joebert's point is that you can print directly out of Flash. You don't need to pass the content out of Flash into PHP into XML into HTML.

Instead just do the printing from Flash...

tutorial here http://www.flash99good.com/?p=12

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