Flash printing capabilities and limitations

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Is there any way to call a print script using flash that will pull the information to be printed and print it without the data needing to be transfered back to flash?

I've found where I can print a movieclip and set the dimensions to only print what's on the screen, but I seem to be limited in being able to position that data and I'm a little confused if my data goes to 2,3,4,etc sheets of paper.

For example,

I want to be able to make a button in my flash movie that says 'print tour dates' that calls a php script that calls the data from my database and then prints(or opens the print dialog box). I don't want my php script to send the tour dates back to flash which get loaded into a movieclip which then can be printed.

I know I can use the getURL to call my php script which can just open in a new browser window with the data echoed in a printer friendly manner and then use the file -> print function from the browser. However, I was trying to cut out a few steps and wanted it as simple as clicking a button.

As per request:
Flash 8
sorry, should have remembered that myself. Thanks for any routes I can take on printing from flash.

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