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I am actually trying to use flash to create a program (or site, either way) that I can use in my writing.

There would be three areas basically:
1) Menu - This is a bar on the left where chapters or scenes are added to the text. Each chapter has a short description that shows up in place of the name, a long description which can be accessed on the main screen, and the actual text, which can be displayed on the main screen.
2) Main screen - The main screen area only have one requirement, it has to function like a word processor. I have to be able to type in it, and change fonts. On top of that, the screen should be able to cycle through the different sections that are featured on the menu (which shouldn't be a problem)
3) Reference section - Across the bottom I want another window, one that I can separate into different points that I want to look at for reference (characters, settings, etc.) By clicking on one of the buttons, it would bring up a window to cycle through all the reference information I have added.

Is flash a good program to use for a project like this, and if so, how hard would a project like this be to undertake for a flash novice?

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