Flash video and onEnterFrame issues

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I've developed a flash quiz application that displays flv files when a question is answered. When the flv stops, it moves to the next question where the embedded video movie clip is made invisible. When the next question is answered it makes the video visible again and plays another flv - and so on.

All of the visibility and playing functionality is controlled through onEnterFrame. I've set up loops that check the time of the flv file as well as counters within the loops so various funtionality is timed, based on these counters.

For the video to start playing, it has to wait for a counter to reach at least 60 in the loop after the question is answered. The intermittent problem I'm having is the video doesn't always play after a question is answered. The video won't play maybe once every 20 questions - and not always the same video or question. I'm wondering if the onEnterFrame loop is causing a problem and won't identify the counter.

Please HELP! I'd be glad to give anyone ftp access for the files as well as compensation to help me figure this out. Thanks!
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Post 3+ Months Ago

can you post the code your using to control the video and the timing? Also are you using MX04 and if so are you using the video components or is the flv just embedded in your flash file?

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