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Ok, the first thing i have to admit to is that i am new to actionscript (big supprise). I am using two differnt tutorials to make a flash playlist, with xml, that also has a custom interface. i am using this tutorial for the playlist: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/artic ... er_02.html. the 2nd tutorial, on the otherhand, is a diffenrt story. it also came with an exersice example but it was to make it read a file, not to be a skin. i uploaded the fla for that file here: http://www.uglystik.housch.com/prewp/lib/videoplayer.fla. would it be possible for me to convert it from reading a file to becoming a skin, if so what would that code look like? if not, what would be the code for making a mix of the two so that instead of loading the one file it is, i use a variable thats changed by selecting a video from the list?

P.S. the tutorial im using for the video playlist can be downloaded here: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/deve ... aylist.zip

thank you for your time
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nice tutorial.
probably i`ll try to complete it too.
i guess it's possible to make more skins ... but right now i don have the time to check the code.

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