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I'm a bit rusty with my Flash. I've been using a file that I created over a year ago and now need to modify it.

My control buttons used to be on the main stage. Code looked like this...

Code: [ Select ]
with (videoFile) {
    playPauseButton = vcPlayPause;
    stopButton = vcStop;
    seekBar = vcSeek;
    volumeBar = vcVolume;
  2. with (videoFile) {
  3.     playPauseButton = vcPlayPause;
  4.     stopButton = vcStop;
  5.     seekBar = vcSeek;
  6.     volumeBar = vcVolume;
  7. }

Now I've got an invisible button that shows the controls on rollover and hides them on rolloff. My control instances are still called vcPlayPause, vcStop, etc, except now they're inside a movie clip instance called "controls". This movie clip has some motion tweening in it for the show/hide feature, and it is placed directly on the main stage.

I tried modifying the code to "playPauseButton = controls.vcPlayPause;" and "playPauseButton = _root.controls.vcPlayPause;" to no avail. What's the correct way to do this?


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